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Alerts by Stockflare (WIP)

Alerts by Stockflare is a native app focused around maximising retention from current users. It allows current Stockflare users to log in to the app and receive push-notifications based on the stocks within their watchlists & portfolios. We based the concept for the app around swipe cards, giving users a quick overview of the stocks alerts. The app was researched with a strict user persona consisting of semi-active users, the main focus of the research was finding out why these users weren't as active - the feedback concluded that most were mobile users that are casual investors and check on their stocks while on the go.

High Fidelity

After initial prototypes and low fidelity wireframes, we went on to create high fidelity mock ups that we could prototype and animate. We wanted to show a near enough finished product to our first round test users, this was a different approach to how we went around building the web version of Stockflare, this was down to certain project time constraints.


The prototype came out well and the swipe card system helped greatly with digesting the large amount of data of your favourite companies quickly and simply. Currently the prototypes are currently going through the initial rounds of user testing and the team looks forward to hearing the feedback from the users.