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Simplifying the stock market

I've worked at Stockflare for over 4 years, it's been my full time employment but also my passion. After the CEO Shane Leonard approached me with the ideas of simplifying the stock market and making it so anyone could invest in their favourite companies. The main problem was the fact that if you don't have an economics degree, you really can't understand what you're looking at on the likes of Yahoo Finance or Bloomberg making it nearly impossible for anyone to know - is this a good investment for me? My role was to design out the monumental task of simplifying the stock market data that Thomson Reuters supply (no easy task!). Stockflare is still doing great and helping novice investors stay on top of the stock market.


Wire framing Stockflare was a huge task in itself - we've made more than 4 versions of nearly every component on Stockflare's website, making sure each one was novice friendly and didn't include complex financial terminologies or visuals. We made Stockflare's modules completely independent so they could be built up like lego and reused on any page that required it, this also made it a lot easier when it came to development due to it all being contained within a grid system which meant barely any layout restructuring at all. We tested Stockflare on nearly 100 specific users who matched the targeted personas we set out - this gave us great feedback but also some resilience from more informed stock market researchers which we had to overcome.

High Fidelity

After going through numerous series of low cost user testing which generated numerous features which include permanent search, location services as well as breaking down the star rating selector into individual filters. Our current interface serves over 20,000+ unique visits per month with a conversion rate of over 20% and has been well received by the likes of The Irish Times, Benzinga, Product Hunt and Awwwards. To this day we're still researching and adapting our interface to meet the growing needs of our users and consistently adding more simplified big data.

Adaptive by Design

Stockflare's mobile website required adaptive design, as we wanted to make the experience as user friendly and frictionless as possible which couldn't be achieved with responsive design due to such large quantities of data being simplified with charts which are by default unresponsive. The mobile interface was created with React and currently has an average visitor time of over 10minutes which was a great success for the design and development teams as testing was scarce due to limited time constraints.


Stockflare currently handles over 20,000 MAU and has had great feedback - all of this wouldn't have been possible without constant user research, user conversations and testing of the interface to make sure novice users understand the data that's being related to them. The interface is always constantly evolving - the team is currently prototyping and developing a system which allows anyone to get a monthly saving plan. The ideas the team builds are always user centric and always follow the same processes that were used for Stockflare's base UI.