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Bespoke Tumblr theme

Love rock was a custom made Tumblr theme for a freelance surf brand client. They wanted a simple theme which related strongly to the brands ideologies, but also had personality. Based on the brief - I originally went about creating a simple photo blog theme which allowed the client to upload photos and videos to a neatly organised grid system based on Masonry. Over the following months the brief grew along with the theme, I went about adding to theme the ability to display posts as well as adding a surfing camera of Newquay beach.

Love Rock High Fidelity Web Design

High Fidelity

Over the months, the theme grew and the client allowed me to customise the code with various customisation options allowing it to be submitted to the Theme Garden via Tumblr. Over the months it attracted over 6,000 downloads and at it's peak was active on over 300 tumblr accounts, but unfortunately due to time restrictions I was unable to maintain the theme and thus took the theme off tumblr. Overall the theme turned out brilliant, and taught me about managing clients and their expectations.

Surf Cams

Within the months following the theme's completion - I added in the fun feature of live surf cams on the theme. It added some dynamic components to an overall fairly static website, it was also customisable allowing the theme's creators to change which camera the website was viewing.

Love Rock High Fidelity iOS Design

Mobile Flexibility

Due to the brand being based around surfing, the website needed to adhere to network capability restrictions - 3G/E down to most beaches and surfing towns having poor network reception. Due to these restrictions, the mobile website had to optimised this meant lazy loading images and only displaying images when requested - not pre-loading.