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My Process with Clients

Whether you’re a small startup or huge multinational company, it is essential you enlist a web designer that fits well with the feel of your business. A good web designer will create a stunning site. A great web designer will get to know you and your brand, working with you to ensure that your website incorporates all your enterprise needs and desires. The latter describes the service I provide. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the design process…

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Understanding the clients need when getting approached with a new freelance gig

Understanding your needs

Over a coffee or just on a Skype call

I always prefer the personal touch. Coffee or e-meeting? Whatever works for you. Talking face-to-face, in person or online, is the best way to get to grips with your business goals. This is our opportunity to shape and sculpt the style of the task at hand. What’s more, during the discussion, we will determine the scale of the planned project. From this, I can provide you with a comprehensive, itemised proposal, detailing exactly what we expect to achieve by the end of the assignment.

Initial wireframes and designs, researching the market.

Research & Wireframe

Creating a solid foundation

As soon as you say the proposal is spot-on, we can jump straight in. First job, the research and wireframe process: testing hypotheses, mapping solutions, getting the nitty gritty grounded before tackling the visuals. From this point forward, you have the chance to preview your project through the eyes of your clients. Giving you peace of mind, and allowing us to conduct usability testing with a wireframe prototype.

Visual design and prototyping the project.

Visual Design & Prototype

Applying the paint & wallpaper

Let’s paint! Once the foundations are finalised, the branding begins! Businesses with an established brand palette are ready to go, but that doesn’t mean those without miss out. If you haven’t quite considered your brand colours, we will map out new ones to be applied throughout the project. At this point, we’re also ready to push the prototyping. Expect to see things begin to glimmer, as we apply motion and transitions across pages.

Developing a web design solution that works at any scale.


Injecting life into the design

The visual design is signed off, your project is looking nothing less than perfect. It’s time to move into the development of your product. Initially, the backend structure is outlined for versatility, then we move forwards, working to encourage the front end to flourish. This is when your project will start to come to life.

Deploying the live version of the site to the world wide web.


Deploy & Wrap up

Are you ready to witness your idea transform into reality? At this stage your project is fully-fledged and ready to be deployed. That is, of course, only after we have guaranteed the product is up and completely stable. This means you can rest at night, safe in the knowledge that if you find yourself featured in the likes of Vogue or GQ, your site will never go down. As we hand over the reins, we will arrange a mutually convenient wrap up session. After all, it’s important to make sure that you’re pleased with the final product.