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Cash back made simple.

Bundel.co.uk was created as a side project to practise my back end ruby on rails skills as well as front-end technologies - but - eventually grew to being a fully fledged company with co-founders. The idea was thought up from doing user testing research on current websites such as topcashback.com as well as quidco.com both websites produced interesting usability errors as well as trust failures due to the complexities and wait times on cash back returned. 

Branding Exploration

Deep dive into branding for Bundel, I wanted to portray an element of fun and simplicity but also have the logo relate to the websites name. I translated the user testing research strategy, originally constructed for web products and practiced on the 3 versions featured for Bundel's branding. The results that came back were fascinating and were in a different attitude compared to UI research, they came back with a distinct and clear answer. (which was the card stacking version)

User Journeys

User journey's were created to clearly state how the website will function and work, this is always key for UX design but also greatly helped later on in the development phase of Bundel. When mapping out user paths, we had to dilute down the user flows to make it as simple as possible - due to this being the key conclusion and market difference that came out from doing the original market research.


After mapping out the user journey flow and doing numerous revisions to make it as frictionless for the user as possible - we moved on to creating the basic wireframe for Bundel. After the wireframe was mapped out we moved onto prototyping using Marvel and testing on the same test users which were originally tested within the competitor research, as well as a default user test group. The results came back and the interface change dramatically over three test stages, the key answer out of this, was communicating trust to the users via customer testimonials.

High Fidelity

Changes to the wireframes took around 1-2 weeks after 3 stages of user testing, after this development was started at the same time the visuals were started due to time constraints. The visuals were completed after 1 month and then went onto the same testing the wireframes went through, but this wasn't just testing the design it was also testing the back-end & front-end code I had wrote to create Bundel.

Chrome Extension

Once Bundel had been running for 1 month, I planned on doing individual user interviews to make sure the system was functioning and if the users had any problems with claiming cash back. The biggest outcome of the specific user interviews was that users didn't know what websites they could claim cash back from - this research was the basis of creating the chrome extension. Chrome was a clear choice due to 94% of Bundel using the browser on Desktop and Mobile.

Email Marketing

Due to me being the only designer & developer on the team, it meant wearing every hat! I jumped into email marketing and designing email templates which require strict design & development laws which allows them to be viewed not only on the hundreds of email clients but also multiple phones. I wanted to make emails fun and have personality which all related and helped the 'simple & friendly' approach the user research came back with.