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Beer you'll love. Delivered.

Bruw is a website that allows you to buy curated craft beers anywhere in the UK. At the start of the project, the team conducted a series of research tasks around current competitors in the market such as HonestBrew and Beerhawk, both came back with clear problems such as complex user interfaces as well as monthly subscription fees. After conducting the research we set out creating personas for our test users, once the personas were set we went out to find our initial test base which required orders to be sent through our current UI to make sure there were no problems. The testing was all conducted using Reddit which allowed us to do budget user testing - in exchange for Reddit gold giveaways. It's been a great project so far giving me exposure to packaging design, photography as well as strict e-commerce practices - overall the website is set to launch late 2016.

Prototypes & Visuals

We went out creating prototypes using Marvel, this allowed us to launch straight into user testing. Our main goals of the prototype was to work out any kinks within the flow to the checkout page, it needed to be as frictionless as possible. The UI is currently going through initial stages of development, but is on track to launch in late 2016.

Emails in Commerce

Following my experience with Bundel, I wanted to make Bruw's email marketing specific and to the point, informing users every step of their purchase from the start all the way until after the beer has been drunk. The team wanted a template which we can configure and customise easily within different teams.