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Top 5 Usability Testing Tools

Well, user experience is the new buzz word of 2016/2017! It’s a great time for a designer as well as consumers. Companies are realising the fact that delivering a better more thought out product to your users, can increase business metrics and they’re heavily investing into this area of design. But - what about startups that have strict usability testing budgets, but want the same outcomes? In this post we look at cheap but effective tools for usability testing.

Top 5 Usability Testing Tools



Usertesting.com is a brilliant tool, and has probably one of the biggest pool of testers available to you. Unfortunately, I’ve had bad experiences with this site, mostly due to designers and developers earning a bit of cash on the side, signing up to test sites which makes results skewed. Paying extra allows you to restrict who can conduct your test, I would definitely recommend doing this, as getting a refund from this company for a skewed test is borderline impossible!



Hotjar is one of the best user recording tools out there, it might just be the best! I always suggest installing this to every client I take on, who is looking to conduct cheap usability testing. Watching 20 videos of your users navigating and browsing your site can reveal major flaws in your site structure (it’s like being over each user's shoulder watching them use your site). Remember to hide yourself browsing your site within the filters tab, as you may be stuck watching 10 minute videos of yourself testing!



Another screen recording tool, but this one has all the bells and whistles. Fullstory is catering for the user experience designer rather than just general marketing and admin teams. The great thing about Fullstory is that it allows you to see ‘rage clicks’, funnels and the best of all filter videos of users that didn’t register or didn’t purchase. The strong filtering powers of full story really do help you quickly find answers within your site or app.



I’ve had a good experience with running user testing through this site - but - unfortunately it comes with one hefty price tag, which some startups just can’t afford. The only great thing about their pricing structure, is that you can spend £600 a month and conduct unlimited user testing! The results I’ve had back from tests, have been well formulated and very targeted users. It’s been great so far and I’ll continue using them with clients. (Be warned due to the limited pool of testers you may have to wait a while for tests to get back)

Usability Hub


One of the best ‘quick fix’ usability testing tools, allows you to run cheap tests to find out quick ‘A or B’ answers e.g. “Which logo do you think fits an athletic brand more?”. This style of testing is cheap and effective, and can also lead to great results. I’ve always used usability hub with clients to backup hypotheses - honestly it couldn’t be any better, it says exactly what it does on the tin “Settle design debates with data”. Give it a try if you’ve restructured parts of your page, or looking to change a logo - it can give great answers. Fast!