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The price of Freelance Web Designers

Prices for freelance web designers can vary drastically from continent to continent and even town or city. Take London for example, the cost of a London-based web designer will be roughly around 50% more than the average web designer in say Liverpool. The underline fact is this - you're not paying for just a website, you're paying for an employee and allowing them to pay their rent/mortgage, buy food and pay for equipment - just like every employee in every company.

The price of Freelance Web Designers

The average price of a freelance web design project usually start at roughly £1,500+ in London, but pricing can vary drastically depending on the experience of the candidate you're wanting. Say you want a cheap website and it's for your hobby photography portfolio, you could grab a designer who is looking for experience, and this will usually set you back around only £200-400. I completely agree if you're running a small company or business and you're just wanting to 'get something out there' then head to someone looking for experience. But let's say you're building a project that you want to one day get acquired by Google, find yourself living on a private island with unlimited money. If this is the dream, I can only recommend going for someone with professional experience in their background and unfortunately, that experience doesn't come free.

In my professional history, I've worked for the likes of Red Bull, Domino's and New's International, this experience I've worked hard to obtain and gives me an excellent knowledge of the field. With this wealth of experience, I've learned how to deal with clients, keep constant communication and deliver amazing results. That's where the extra cost comes in; you're paying for that wealth of experience - so let's put this into action:

You pay £4,000 for a website to being built by a professional with the background in e-commerce stores.

Your e-commerce website launches.

3,000 visitors hit the site within the next couple of days, and get presented with an excellently communicated brand and a unparallel user experience.

1,100 visitors check out causing you to gain a profit of £2,000.

Emails are sent at perfect times causing the user to repeat order.

Now you've gained a 50% conversion rate and returning customers with a profit of £8,000+. But you've still only paid your web designer £4,000.

Let's see that from a less professional point of view

You pay £400 for a website built by someone with less/zero experience.

Your e-commerce site launches.

3,000 visitors hit the store within the next couple of days and get presented with a website that looks like every other site online with a poor user experience.

100 visitors check out with the majority getting lost within site and dropping off because they don't understand the site or brand.

You've made £181, taking a loss of £219.

Putting it in plain facts and figures, hiring a professional to create your website making sure you have a perfect user experience can be critical for business starting out.

"Forrester Research reported that, on average, every dollar invested in UX brings $100 in return or an ROI of 9,900%."

From personal experience, I don't just put a price online as all projects are different such as a small blog similar to this would cost a lot less than say the next Instagram being built. If you would like to get in touch or hire a freelance web designer, I'm always available for a chat or coffee!