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The freelancers are coming.

Freelancing has never been considered by larger companies or small startups after getting their first round of investment - but the technology scene is changing, and the freelancers are coming! Hiring freelancers can be chaotic, but when you find the perfect one for your business you'll be amazed at the results.

The freelancers are coming.

Over the past seven years in the creative industry I've worked with companies ranging from small agencies to large scale corporations, and now I've turned full-time freelance. Why? Because that's where the industry is heading, and there's one buzzword that describes my reasoning perfectly -  fatigue.

Designers and Developers (yes, developers are creatives as well!) suffer from fatigue when working on the same project consistently, day in and day out for months on end. When joining a new company for the first time, you're filled with joy, change, and excitement - but this lasts for all of about two months when you realize you're going to be working on the same project for nine months. (unless you're joining a kick ass company that is!).

There's a term that gets thrown around in the tech world "agile." This word was meant to mean fast paced changes, noticeable improvements and most of all teamwork. Unfortunately, this term has died and become a buzz word within a job description. Companies are describing their work environment as agile, but when you join, it turns out they've had their head buried within an 8-month piece of work with no hope of escape - creative fatigue. Creatives start getting bored with the project, start taking short cuts, take longer signing work off and of course take up side projects all to cater for their need for 'fresh.'

Imagine being a salesman, and trying to land one sale for 12 months without knowing if you'll get the sale and working on nothing else - would you get fatigued?

Freelancing is here, and some companies are grabbing it with both hands and embracing the idea. Let's face it, hiring creatives is not cheap, takes a while and hey, we could leave within two months, and you'll be back to stage 1 again. Freelancing allows creatives to work within different companies, conduct remote working and not suffer from project fatigue. (it also costs about 50% less to hire them).

I'll admit it; some companies have had bad experiences with freelancers such as not receiving work, shoddy work or terrible communication - this is why hiring a professional is required. Picking any style of creative whether it's full time or freelance, you should always make sure to check their CV, hop on a call and receive references from previous employers. On my site, I've referenced my freelance process, testimonials and all about me.  I've had positive feedback since I've implemented them, and I believe transparency is always essential within this industry.

I will leave you with this - hiring freelancers will save you money, make the designer or developer happy and leave you with stunning work - just make sure you do your due diligence before hiring anyone to work on your next project.