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Best Design Prototyping Tools

Well they’ve become the most ‘me to’ product of the recent year and have been popping up left right and center with the best being snapped up by some serious companies *cough* pixate! As designers we’re left with a battleground of companies all fighting for us to purchase their kit and introduce it to our companies.

Best Design Prototyping Tools



Yep, this is one of those ‘screen’ prototyping tools, it’s great for quick prototyping but pretty horrendous in terms of flexibility. If you’re looking for fast prototyping, and quick learning then this is the one for you. Unfortunately - the team behind it hasn’t really updated it in the past year and is now lacking basic needs.



I’ve tried out Atomic io a lot over the past few months, always restarting the trial period to give it another go, but right now it just doesn’t have ‘it’ for me. Atomic is in a difficult place within the market, it’s in between Invision and Principle and it can’t seem to do either very well. After trying for about 4-5 hours trying to get a prototype working with general motion - I just gave up as it was fairly complex to do things that are basic within Flinto/Principle.



Actually one of the top companies for design tools, with moodboard features and overall kick ass plugins to generally help designers, such as their ‘Craft’ plugins for Sketch. Unfortunately, it comes with a bit more of a price tag than others but is widely used within the design community.



Brilliant tool, doesn’t take itself too serious but the power behind this tool is only rivalled by Flinto for Mac. It’s a great tool if you’re just getting into bring motion to your designs, it has lots of tutorials and a great dribbble tag for inspiration. It’s a bit pricey on the tag, but definitely worth it if you’re just getting into prototyping with motion.

Flinto for Mac


As a long time user of Flinto, I’ve always loved their technology. The team are constantly updating this product and it is widely used amongst app designers, unfortunately it’s lacking a few features and the iPhone viewer app is widely buggy for lots of users on older phones than iPhone 6/7, it has been problematic for me when sending to clients but is still my weapon of choice across the board.



The most powerful of all prototyping tools! The daddy! When you’re looking to add even more motion and features to your prototype e.g. Text, Detailed animation then hop straight into Framer. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty with some code, if you’re comfortable with low level javascript you should be absolutely fine with this. If not - they have numerous tutorials guiding you through basic prototypes.