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Below you'll find all my recent ramblings about anything from web design all the way to the music I'm currently listening to. I've been web designing professionally now for over 7 years and thought now is the best time to start teaching others what I've learnt over those long years. Whether that be from my startup days or days working alongside Red Bull.

CraftCMS is a beast of a content management system, but it does start to get a bit tedious when trying to upload it to Digital Ocean. In this second part of Getting started with Craft CMS, we go through launching your new website to Digital Ocean using Deploybot.

Some clients from America do approach me, and their first issue and the first pinch point within the conversation is the time difference - when I'm going to bed, they're just getting up and on with their day. Clients think this is a huge problem, but in all honesty, this is a blessing for both parties.

Prices for freelance web designers can vary drastically from continent to continent and even town or city. Take London for example, the cost of a London-based web designer will be roughly around 50% more than the average web designer in say Liverpool. The underline fact is this - you're not paying for just a website, you're paying for an employee and allowing them to pay their rent/mortgage, buy food and pay for equipment - just like every employee in every company.

Freelancing has never been considered by larger companies or small startups after getting their first round of investment - but the technology scene is changing, and the freelancers are coming! Hiring freelancers can be chaotic, but when you find the perfect one for your business you'll be amazed at the results.

Well, user experience is the new buzz word of 2016/2017! It’s a great time for a designer as well as consumers. Companies are realising the fact that delivering a better more thought out product to your users, can increase business metrics and they’re heavily investing into this area of design. But - what about startups that have strict usability testing budgets, but want the same outcomes? In this post we look at cheap but effective tools for usability testing.

Well they’ve become the most ‘me to’ product of the recent year and have been popping up left right and center with the best being snapped up by some serious companies *cough* pixate! As designers we’re left with a battleground of companies all fighting for us to purchase their kit and introduce it to our companies.

In this first 'Getting Started' series, we start with CraftCMS, and how to get it running well on a Mac using MAMP. It can be tricky to get installed and running - but once we have it installed, you will realise the sheer power this technology can bring to your future client projects.